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30-day exchange privilege

You can’t go wrong with HGregoire! Our 30-day exchange privilege allows you to start with peace of mind and ensures complete satisfaction because it protects you against major mechanical issues and lemons. It’s like having an insurance policy for your 100% satisfaction!


We are so confident in the reliability of our vehicles that this guarantee protects you in the event of any major mechanical issue. You can then select an available vehicle of the same value from our inventory. The program does not apply if the client damaged the vehicle.


The vehicle can only be exchanged in the event of major mechanical problems. A single exchange per customer is permitted at all participating superstores. The guarantee applies for 30 days or 1,700 km (whichever comes first), starting on the date the vehicle is delivered. The vehicle can only be exchanged on the purchase of another vehicle of equal or greater value (the client pays the difference) at an HGregoire’s superstore.

All accessories installed on the initial vehicle can be moved to the new vehicle, at the client’s expense. If the accessories cannot be moved, they are not refundable.

The exchanged vehicle must be in the same state and have the same appearance as when it left the superstore. The exchange program cannot be assigned, transferred or sold (in whole or in part). The exchanged vehicle must first be inspected by HGregoire. The exchange program does not apply to customers benefiting from Second Chance Credit and alternative financing. The exchange program applies at Québec’s HGregoire superstores.


Vehicles not covered by the 30-day exchange program: vehicles that have been damaged by the client or a third party; vehicles purchased for commercial use; vehicles that have been modified or altered by the client or a third party in any way whatsoever; vehicles that have been repaired without prior authorization from HGregoire.

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