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CarProof™ Vehicle History Reports

Everyone has heard the saying that « what you don’t know can’t hurt you. » Unfortunately, it does not apply when buying a used car. The CarProof report gives you important information about the used car you’re getting ready to buy. CarProof is the solution, and HGregoire makes it yours, free of charge.

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The CarProof Report

One question we often hear is « Does the report state how many previous owners the car had? » Is the information REALLY important? What happens if an owner was a bad driver, or in too much debt, or even dishonest? Our reports find the clues in the research process. Those are some VERY important reasons why CarProof reports provide key information about cars in and from Canada.

Liens and Canadian Legislation Governing Collateral

The used car you’re buying may have been bought on credit or leased, or it could have been used to secure a loan, and a valid lien may be registered on it in its province, or in a province in which the vehicle was once registered. If you buy a vehicle that has a valid lien on it, the bank or lien holder could repossess it. Your CarProof report ensures that the vehicle you buy belongs to you.

Accident and Collision Damage

Everyone wants to know whether the car they’re planning to buy has been in an accident. CarProof reports provide this information in two ways. First, all CarProof reports check the data (live) in each of Canada’s provinces and territories, as well as each state in the U.S. through the Experian Automotive database, to see if any jurisdiction has labelled the car as salvage, rebuilt or a total loss. A car that has been listed under one of these registration labels in Canada or the United States has been in a major accident. The other way that CarProof reports provide information about damage due to accidents is through Canada’s insurance companies. The CarProof VERIFIED and CarProof CLAIMS reports provide data on claims due to accidents from Canada’s private insurance companies. The report covers all data on paid accident claims handled by a private insurance company.

Stolen or Cloned Vehicles

No one ever imagines that they will be faced with having bought a stolen car, but what would happen if the car was reported stolen in another jurisdiction? And what would you do if the car you wanted to buy was a stolen vehicle whose VIN had been replaced by a VIN belonging to an ordinary car that was actually registered somewhere else? VIN copying is called car cloning, and it happens more often than you might think. Buy a car with the correct VIN, and everything will be fine. However, if that car’s VIN has been changed and it is actually a stolen vehicle, the legal owner will probably take it back. If that happens, your only recourse will be against the person who sold you the car. As the CarProof VERIFIED and CarProof CLAIMS reports provide Canadian and U.S. registrations and insurance coverage data from private Canadian insurers, you will have the chronological data on the VIN to check whether it has been rebuilt or cloned.

Fraud or Odometer Tampering

One of the most common ways of establishing a used car’s useful lifespan is to find out how many kilometres the car has been driven to date. A car’s wholesale and retail value increases or decreases based on the odometer data. Unfortunately, there is no Canadian law that requires a sworn, accurate odometer reading to be provided when the car is transferred. The odometer data given to most Departments of Transportation are not very reliable, or are simply approximate. CarProof believes that incorporating too much uncertain odometer data in its reports could lead to unjustified problems. Use good judgement when analyzing the odometer’s reading.

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