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You can now sell your car in just a few clicks, completely online. Fill out our online form, answer a few questions, and you will receive a real offer for your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Plus, you don’t even have to buy a car from us! Find out what your vehicle is worth now!

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Find out what your vehicle is worth now!

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How it Works

Get a real offer

Just tell us more about your vehicle, and in a few clicks, you’ll get a real offer and a new reason to celebrate. All of this completely online, without having to leave your home!

Schedule an appointment

As soon as you receive your offer, you just have to schedule an appointment with us to come drop your vehicle at the location of your choice, at the day and time of your choice.

Get your money now, or think it over

You can get your money the same day or take seven days to think it over. Your offer stays valid for a week. Now, that’s a good reason to smile!

A new way to sell your car

To find out the worth of your vehicle, simply fill out the form online, and tell us more about your vehicle. You’ll then receive a real offer in just a few minutes, that you can either take advantage of the same day, or take the time to think over. And you can get back to what really matters!

Sell your car without having to buy one from us

Yes, you can sell your car at HGregoire without having to buy one from us.

Same-day payment, 7-day offer

Your offer will be valid for 7 days. So, you have the choice to come pick up your money today, or think about it for a week!

A real offer

After completing our online form, you’ll receive a real offer that you can count on in just a few minutes.