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Vehicle Inspections

Every single vehicle purchased at HGregoire has been thoroughly inspected. Several important points are verified, repaired or, if necessary, replaced. Fluids are topped up, and the oil and oil filter are changed, if necessary. The equipment, such as the charging system, ignition system, outside lights, door locking and unlocking, wipers and other critical components, are also checked.

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Safety components, such as seat belts, airbags and electrical systems, are also inspected. Along with the braking system, the service department inspects the exhaust system, steering system components and power train. View the HGregoire’s complete inspection form

The vehicle’s body and frame are also carefully inspected to see if it has ever been in an accident. HGregoire does not accept any rebuilt or severely damaged vehicles: product quality and customer satisfaction are two of our priorities.

If you would like an even more exhaustive inspection before your vehicle is delivered, for $499 (+ tax), your HGregoire representative can offer you the Platinum Inspection service. This inspection is more in-depth than the basic inspection, and more important when a loaded vehicle is involved. Ask your HGregoire representative today for more information about the Platinum Inspection service. View the Platinum Inspection form.


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